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Permanently installed calf boxes

Why you should choose this calf box

Suitable for one calf

Outside Dimensions

l x b x h 150 x 98 x 100 cm (per pen, excl. bolts)


Walls Plastic

Additional Options
  • Weaning bucket bracket
  • Single bucket bracket
  • Double bucket bracket
  • Weaning bucket
  • Drinking bowl
  • Hay rack
  • Latch locking mechanism
  • Tumbler locking mechanism
  • Assembly


Practical and can be installed anywhere

Alpuro Breeding’s permanently installed calf boxes are made of plastic. Plastic is strong, easy to clean and has a long service life.

Affordable permanently installed calf housing

The permanently installed calf boxes are ordered by component. For example, for a row of 7 calf boxes you would order 8 sidewalls. In other words, you only pay for what you really need. These calf boxes can be placed against an existing wall. This saves you the costs of a back wall. The calf boxes measure 150×90 cm. 100 cm wide calf boxes are available on request.

Accessories for permanently installed calf boxes

Weaning bucket brackets, weaning buckets, bucket brackets and drinking bowls are available separately. The calf boxes are equipped with a hinge pin locking mechanism as a standard feature. A latch or tumbler locking mechanism is optional. The calf boxes are supplied unassembled. The package includes an assembly manual and fasteners.

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If you are looking for advice on calf housing, contact us!

Quotation form

    Double 5 l bucket bracketDouble 8 l bucket bracketSingle 5 l bucket bracketWeaning bucket bracketComprehensive weaning bucketHay rack5 l drinking bowl8 l drinking bowlBoxes 1 m wide****Assembly

    *Mandatory field

    **The standard locking mechanism uses hinge pins. A latch or tumbler locking mechanism is available at additional cost.

    ***The standard width of the calf boxes is 90 cm (inside dimension). 1 m wide (inside dimension) boxes are available at additional cost.