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Mobile deluxe single box pen

Why you should choose this calf box

Suitable for 5 calves

Outside Dimensions

l x b x h 275 x 453 x 220 cm


Walls Plastic
Frame Galvanised iron

  • Roof overhang
  • Plastic grate floors
  • Insulated roof
  • LED lighting
  • Weaning bucket bracket
  • Double bucket bracket
Additional Options
  • Windbreak net
  • Single bucket bracket
  • Weaning bucket
  • Drinking bowl
  • Hay rack


Suitable for 5 calves

Calves prosper in the mobile deluxe single box pen. The superb climate inside the pen provides for an excellent living environment.

The calf pen consists of a steel frame and plastic panels. The calf boxes themselves are also made of plastic. The pen comes with an insulated roof and plastic grate floors as standard features. The pen has a roof overhang. Should you decide to purchase two pens you can place them opposite each other. This way you create a pen for 10 animals with a spacious passageway in between. The pen can be moved using a front-loader.


The pen comes with standard features that include lighting, a weaning bucket bracket and a double bucket bracketWeaning bucketsdrinking bowls and a hay rack can be ordered separately.

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Quotation form

    Double 8 l bucket bracketComprehensive weaning bucketHay rack

    *Mandatory field

    **Supplied incl. plastic grate floors, interior finishing, lighting, double bucket brackets and weaning bucket brackets. Incl. assembly