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Mobile Twin box

Why you should choose this calf box

Suitable for 8 calves

Outside Dimensions

l x b  464 x 228 cm


Walls Plastic
Frame Galvanised iron

  • Hardwood grate floors
  • Removable grate floors
  • Insulated roof
  • LED lighting
  • Incl. assembly
Additional Options
  • Weaning bucket bracket
  • Single bucket bracket
  • Double bucket bracket
  • Weaning bucket
  • Drinking bowl
  • Hay rack


Suitable for 8 calves

The Mobile Twinbox barn is equipped with 4 boxes, each with an inner dimension of 120 x 165 cm. The dividing walls are removable. The grids are divided into handy parts, so that they can be lifted easily. Furthermore, the stable is fully equipped: lighting, doors with a practical closure that closes automatically when you give the gate a push, and there is the possibility to attach two teat buckets and a double bucket bracket per box. The pen can be moved using a front-loader.


The pen comes with an insulated roof and lighting as standard features. The roof can be expanded with an extended roof that can also be tilted. This means that the stable can be used optimally in any type of weather. Bucket brackets, Weaning bucket brackets,, drinking bowls and weaning buckets can be ordered separately as needed.

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