Mobile group pen

Why you should choose this calf box

Suitable for 5 calves

Outside Dimensions

l x b x h 200 x 475 x 230 cm


Walls Plastic
Frame Galvanised iron

  • Hardwood grate floors
  • Removable grate floors
  • Insulated roof
  • LED lighting
  • Incl. assembly
Additional Options
  • Weaning bucket bracket
  • Single bucket bracket
  • Double bucket bracket
  • Weaning bucket
  • Drinking bowl
  • Hay rack
  • Boxes 1 m wide


Suitable for 5 calves

An excellent climate and low infection pressure have made the single box pen a success. A pen with 5 single boxes based on an open-front pen concept. No draught, yet sufficient fresh air.

The calf pen consists of a steel frame and plastic panels. The calf boxes themselves are also made of plastic. The walls of the calf boxes are easy to remove from the pen. This makes it easy to clean them and the pen itself can furthermore also be used as a group box. The front gates are equipped with a strong locking mechanism and can rotate inwards as well as outwards. The pen can be moved using a front-loader.


The pen comes with an insulated roof and lighting as standard features. An additional option is a pen with a stainless steel catch basin. Bucket brackets, Weaning bucket brackets,, drinking bowls and weaning buckets can be ordered separately as needed. In addition, it is also possible to order 1 m wide (inside dimension) boxes.

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    **Supplied incl. galvanised steel bottom frame, galvanised frame with plastic 35 mm slats. Roof is made with insulated sandwich panels. Incl. assembly